marriage proposal

Malibu Creek State Park Marriage Proposal - Andrea + Marco

Marco contacted me just a few days prior to asking Andrea to marry him at Malibu Creek State Park. Originally, he had planned to propose on the beach in Malibu and after about an hour conversation with him on the phone, we were both pretty convinced that it would be perfect. We were wrong.

It didn't occur to either of us initially to check the tide table but thankfully we did because if we hadn't, we would have been screwed. It would've been high tide and we literally wouldn't have had a beach for Marco to get down on one knee. So we both agreed that Malibu Creek State Park would be a better option.

I got there about 45 minutes prior to them to figure out what exact location would work best and then text Marco with my pin location. Unfortunately, that area has terrible cell service, so none of my texts were going through. I even hiked up to the highest hill to see if I could get a signal, but to no avail. 

So I sent one last text with the description of what I had in mind. I put a line of dry grass, which you can see right behind them in the first photo, to let Marco know that that's the best spot. The text went through and I literally jumped in the tall grass, hidden from their sight (I hoped), and waited for them. 

As I saw them starting to walk up the path, I got ready and pointed my camera in their direction. When they reached that point with the grass, they stopped (PHEW!), Marco got down on one knee, and he ask Andrea to marry him with me and their fur child, Brixton, watching and...


Here's some of what was captured! 

Griffith Observatory Marriage Proposal - Francisco + Lina

I got a call this past Saturday afternoon from Francisco asking if I could capture his marriage proposal to his soon to be (and now) fiance', Lina. It was super last minute, but I told him that I was down to drive up to the Griffith Observatory, so I packed up my gear and made my way up to LA.

I had never met either of these two in person, so Francisco sent me a few photos of them so I could keep an eye out for when they arrived at the Observatory. When I spotted these two, I started to follow them in the least creepy way possible and without making it super obvious that I was there to capture their special moment. Francisco led Lina down to one of the lower decks where they could have a little bit more space to themselves. I could tell he was a bit nervous and waiting for the right moment to drop down to his knee. A few moments later, he asked Lina to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Congratulations, guys!!!!

Here's some of what we captured.