Orange County Wedding Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer in Orange County can seem like a daunting task.  There are so many talented photographers in Southern California that choosing the right one to tell your story can be difficult.  Here are a few tips on finding the perfect wedding photographer for you.

First and foremost, quality and consistency of work should be paramount.  If you’re not absolutely in love with someone’s wedding photography, they’re probably not the right photographer for you.  Visit a photographer’s portfolio website and also browse their blog so you can see their most recent work.  Be sure that both you and your soon to be spouse are clear on what kind of style and also what kind of products (wedding albums, prints, canvas wraps) you desire from your wedding photographer.  If you meet in person, always ask to see samples of their products.

While professionalism and quality of work are important in choosing your photographer, what’s equally as important is their personality.  Your wedding photographer is going to be by your side for the majority of the day on the most important day of your lives, so make sure you genuinely like him or her.  Chemistry with your wedding photographer has a direct relationship with how amazing your pictures turn out.   Those candid pictures with raw emotion don’t just magically happen, the right photographer creates them.  So, if you’re an outgoing, fun, and loving couple, make sure your photographer is as well.

Lastly, pricing is always a factor in choosing a wedding photographer, but it shouldn’t be the only one.  All too often, couples will choose a photographer solely based on price, which more often than not is a recipe for disaster.  You have one shot at getting amazing wedding photos that you will use to remember and share that day for the rest of your lives, so make sure you invest in them wisely.