Griffith Observatory Marriage Proposal - Francisco + Lina

I got a call this past Saturday afternoon from Francisco asking if I could capture his marriage proposal to his soon to be (and now) fiance', Lina. It was super last minute, but I told him that I was down to drive up to the Griffith Observatory, so I packed up my gear and made my way up to LA.

I had never met either of these two in person, so Francisco sent me a few photos of them so I could keep an eye out for when they arrived at the Observatory. When I spotted these two, I started to follow them in the least creepy way possible and without making it super obvious that I was there to capture their special moment. Francisco led Lina down to one of the lower decks where they could have a little bit more space to themselves. I could tell he was a bit nervous and waiting for the right moment to drop down to his knee. A few moments later, he asked Lina to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Congratulations, guys!!!!

Here's some of what we captured.