Laguna Beach Engagement - Diana + Jeff

I was back in Laguna Beach for Diana & Jeff's engagement session a couple weeks ago.  We started off with no real plan as to where to shoot exactly, we just figured we'd roam the streets for a bit, see what we could capture, and somehow end up at the beach at sunset. What we ended up with I think really reflected the love that these two have for each other.  They were fun, silly, and both were pretty easy on the eyes, so shooting them was a breeze!  It was really hard for me to narrow down some the highlights from there engagement sesh, I almost wanted to post all of them!

I'm really looking forward to their big day in September!  Judging from this session, it's going to be a magical day! laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0001.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0002.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0003.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0004.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0005.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0006.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0007.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0008.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0009.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0010.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0011.jpg