laguna beach engagement

Laguna Victoria Beach Engagement - Kelley + Brennan

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn to photography Kelly & Brennan at Victoria Beach in Laguna.

Victoria Beach is one of the most photographed and also visited beaches in southern California but since we woke up so early, we pretty much had the beach to our own. Even though we all woke up super early, Kelly & Brennan didn’t let them stop that from lovin’ up on each other the whole morning.

Here’s some of what we captured.

Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Cassi + Travis

Cassi & Travis' Laguna Beach engagement session was definitely one for the books!

They're going to get married at Seven Degrees in Laguna Beach next year, so they wanted to capture a couple photos in front of their wedding venue. Once we were done there, we hit the road and went down to Victoria Beach.

They had a little "picnic" on the sand and even popped some champagne. When golden hour came around, we took a short walk down to the tide pools where they got a bit wet...but it was so worth it!

We finished off their sesh in the Victoria beach sea pool where we all got wet (again).

Can't wait for their wedding next year!

Laguna Beach Engagement - Misty + Brandon

Laguna Beach was the backdrop to Misty and Brandon's fun, romantic, and sexy engagement shoot. They wanted their engagement photos to be a reflection of who they are and I think we were able to capture exactly that!

We strolled up and down the streets of downtown Laguna, stopping along the way to capture some of their awesomeness. Speaking of awesome, Brandon drove his classic Lincoln to the shoot, so we naturally we used it as one of our props as it is one of his other loves (Misty being #1, of course). 

We didn't have a real set plan as to where or what we were going to do, we just knew we'd eventually wind up at the beach towards end of the session to get some sunset photos and maybe even take a dip in the ocean at the end. When I first brought the idea up to them, I think they thought I was joking, but when it was all said and done, they were good sports and we captured some amazing photos of them getting wet. 

I'm looking forward to their wedding at 7 Degrees later this year! 

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Laguna Beach Trail Engagement - Lindsay + Derek

Lindsay and Derek wanted a mix of nature and the beach, so we decided to capture their engagement session in Laguna Beach. I came across this location while driving to dinner with my girlfriend one evening and thought it would be a great place to photograph a couple. Thankfully, I was right even though the park ranger wasn't too happy about us going a bit off trail to photograph these two. We roamed around the hiking trail for a bit while fighting off what seemed to be a million flies and then we ended our shoot at the beach right before the sun set. Here's some of what we captured on our stroll through Laguna Beach.


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Laguna Beach Engagement - Diana + Jeff

I was back in Laguna Beach for Diana & Jeff's engagement session a couple weeks ago.  We started off with no real plan as to where to shoot exactly, we just figured we'd roam the streets for a bit, see what we could capture, and somehow end up at the beach at sunset. What we ended up with I think really reflected the love that these two have for each other.  They were fun, silly, and both were pretty easy on the eyes, so shooting them was a breeze!  It was really hard for me to narrow down some the highlights from there engagement sesh, I almost wanted to post all of them!

I'm really looking forward to their big day in September!  Judging from this session, it's going to be a magical day! laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0001.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0002.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0003.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0004.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0005.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0006.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0007.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0008.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0009.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0010.jpg laguna-beach-engagement-diana-jeff_0011.jpg