san clemente wedding

Talega Golf Club Wedding - Ashley + Mike

Ashley and Mike's Talega Golf Club wedding was absolutely PERFECT! Rarely does everything go completely as planned on a wedding day, but this wedding was the exception and it was so much fun!

We started the day with Ashley as she got ready right down the street at the prettiest AirBnb. Once Ashley got her final touch ups and shared a glass a champagne with her girls, we made our way down to Talega Golf Club for the festivities.

There was a slight chance of rain in the forecast, but thankfully, we all stayed dry and the sun came out to play. All in all, as I mentioned before, this wedding was amazing! As you can tell by the photos below, Ashley and Mike had a blast. 

Here's some of what we captured, cheers! 

San Clemente Historic Cottage Wedding Preview - Shannon + Mike

If ever there was a couple that was "meant to be", it is them!  I knew from the moment that I met Shannon and Mike that they would be a blast to work with.  Couples like them make my job that much more enjoyable.  There's nothing more awesome than shooting a couple that's so in love.  Also, as an added bonus, it's pretty awesome that Shannon put the fear of god in the boys to be ready on time, that's always a good thing.

The Tomacelli's got married at the San Clemente Historic Cottage which is an awesome venue.  It sits on top of cliffs on the edge of the beach which we took full advantage of.  After the ceremony we strolled down to the beach with the wedding party and got some gorgeous shots of everyone, getting a little sandy in the process, but it was well worth it!  After we were done at the beach, we had a nice hike back up the hill, stopping by the railroad tracks to take some pictures.  Thankfully for everyone, we stopped shooting sooner rather than later because, to our surprise, as soon as we got off the tracks, a huge train ran down the rails!  "Til death do us part" got very real at that point!

I'm so happy that I got to be Shannon and Mike's personal historian for the day.  Here's some of what we captured!

san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0001.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0002.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0003.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0004.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0005.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0006.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0007.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0008.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0009.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0010.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0011.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0012.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0013.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0014.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0015.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0016.jpg san-clemente-historic-cottage-wedding_0017.jpg