los angeles engagement photographer

Malibu Creek State Park Engagement - Katie + Thomas

Had such a great time photographing Katie & Thomas at Malibu Creek State Park. These two lovers were so easy to photograph and we had a blast roaming around the park capturing their engagement sesh! We had such amazing light!

Here's some highlights of their engagement session!

Vasquez Rocks Engagement Session - Kim + Bryan

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn to capture Kim & Bryan's sunrise engagement session at Vasquez Rocks. While waking up when it's still dark out isn't always fun (actually never), it was absolutely worth it this time! These two lovers were awesome!

Can't wait to capture their wedding next year! Here's some of what we captured! Cheers! 


Venice Canals Engagement Sesh - Vanessa + Neil

A little bit of country and a whole lot of love for Vanessa & Neil's Venice canals engagement session.

We started off at the Venice canals and made our way down to the beach where we not only had a blast capturing their photos, but may have had a laugh or two watching the people around us. 

Here's some of what we captured. Cheers! 

Downtown LA Engagement Session - Priscilla + Anthony

Downtown LA was the perfect setting for Priscilla and Anthony's engagement session. We roamed around Walt Disney Concert Hall for a bit then made our way next door to LA's new museum, The Broad.  On our way back to the car, we captured some rad photos in the middle of the street right as the sun was setting.

Here's some of what we captured! 

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Griffith Observatory Engagement - Laura + Sonny

Winter in Southern California isn't too bad.  I mean, where else can you shoot an engagement session in 70 degree weather in December?  Laura and Sonny's sesh at the Griffith Observatory went fabulously!  Perfect weather, awesome couple, and a beautiful location...we couldn't go wrong!

There's just something special about shooting in the hills and for my money's worth, I think there aren't too many better places to watch a sunset....and of course, capture these love bird's love for one another.

Here's some highlights of what we got!  Enjoy!

griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0001.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0002.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0003.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0004.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0005.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0006.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0007.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0008.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0009.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0010.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0011.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0012.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0013.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0014.jpg griffith-observatory-engagement-laura-sonny_0015.jpg