cree estate wedding

Lindsay + Scott - Cree Estate Wedding Preview

If ever a couple was a real life Ken and Barbie, Lindsay and Scott are them!  Pink and yellow was the theme for their wedding and everywhere you looked, sure enough, you saw PINK AND YELLOW!  No detail was spared, which was a dream for me, there were countless opportunities to capture all those awesome deets!

Lindsay and her bridesmaids are NFL cheerleaders, so quite fittingly, as the newly married couple walked down the aisle together, their guests threw mini pom poms at them!  Bright colors, barbies, table settings named after rockstars, and a glowstick exit!  I could go on and on about how amazing their wedding was, but I'll just let the pictures below tell the rest of the story...for now.

cree-estate-wedding_0001.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0002.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0003.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0004.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0005.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0006.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0007.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0008.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0009.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0022 cree-estate-wedding_0023 cree-estate-wedding_0010.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0011.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0012.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0013.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0014.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0015.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0016.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0017.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0018.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0019.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0020.jpg cree-estate-wedding_0021.jpg