Quick San Francisco Getaway

My girlfriend is originally from Michigan and since she moved here 3 years ago, she hadn't visited San Francisco, so we decided to get in the car with our pup and take a little road trip up north! We absolutely fell in love with the city, especially since it was so dog friendly, there were hardly any places we couldn't take our little man. We only stayed for a couple days, but we got to see most of the things you should see while in SF. It was a nice, short getaway...can't wait to go back! san-francisco-trip_0001.jpg san-francisco-trip_0002.jpg san-francisco-trip_0003.jpg san-francisco-trip_0004.jpg san-francisco-trip_0005.jpg san-francisco-trip_0006.jpg san-francisco-trip_0007.jpg san-francisco-trip_0008.jpg san-francisco-trip_0009.jpg