Magic Hour Session - Raquel

Last week I got the opportunity to capture my first Magic Hour Session.  The Magic Hour Foundation provides professional photography sessions to individuals and families that are fighting cancer.  When I first heard about this wonderful organization, I jumped on the chance  to volunteer my services.  As with a lot of families, cancer affected my family in the most profound way, so being able to give the gift of photography to those fighting this disease was an absolute pleasure.

Raquel is a proud mother of two that is currently battling cancer.  From the moment we met, she had an enormous smile on her face.  You could just feel the positivity in her nature, she was such a doll!  She was full of strength, positivity, and life!  Oh, and lots and lots of laughter!  I think that we captured the essence of who she is with our session.

If you're a photographer and are interested in volunteering with the Magic Hour Foundation, please visit them at  Also, if you know someone that is currently fighting cancer and would like more information about how they can receive a session, please CLICK HERE.

magic-hour-session-orange-county_0001.jpg magic-hour-session-orange-county_0002.jpg magic-hour-session-orange-county_0003.jpg