Trash The Dress Laguna Beach - Peter + Celina

I don't shoot too many "trash the dress" sessions, but I think I want to after shooting Peter and Celina this past weekend. I captured their wedding a couple months ago and we finally got around to shooting their final session. It's one thing to take pictures at a wedding where we kind of have to be careful with the dress, it's quite another to have the freedom to do whatever you getting in the ocean! We had a blast at Victoria Beach in Laguna.  Even though we were kind of freezing, I think it was worth it! trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0001.jpg trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0002.jpg trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0003.jpg trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0004.jpg trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0005.jpg trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0006.jpg trash-the-dress-laguna-beach_0007.jpg