san diego engagement photographer

Blacks Beach Engagement - Lauren + Jonathan

I’ve wanted to photograph a session at Blacks Beach in San Diego for quite some time and I finally got the opportunity to do so for Lauren & Jonathan’s engagement session.

It’s such a rad location! We started off with some epic photos literally on the edge of some cliffs and then made our way down to the beach which just so happens to be a nude one but that just added to the fun.

Here’s some of what was captured!

Balboa Park Engagement - Jessee + Ashley

Took a trip down south to Balboa Park in San Diego for Jessee and Ashley's engagement session this past weekend.  I hadn't met these two lovebirds yet nor had I ever shot at Balboa Park before, so I was really looking forward to their session.  These two were absolute joy to work with and capturing their love for one another was a breeze!  They even laughed at all my jokes!  Well, either laughed with or at, doesn't matter, we had a great time!

Here's some of what we got!

balboa-park-engagement-photos_0001.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0002.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0003.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0004.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0005.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0006.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0007.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0008.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0009.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0011.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0012.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0013.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0014.jpg balboa-park-engagement-photos_0015.jpg