Summer + Matt - Newport Beach Engagement Photos

I love what I do and I love capturing moments in a couple’s life journey, but it’s especially rewarding when I can do so for my friends.  I’ve known Summer and Matt for many years, so shooting their engagement photos was a no brainer.  When I first spoke to Summer about what kind of photos she envisioned she’d want, she mentioned that she wanted to use an old VW Wagon.  The only problem was that we didn’t know anyone that owned one!  That wasn’t an issue for Summer though, she ended up running into a gentleman in a parking lot and asking him if we could use his wagon.  Needless to say, he agreed!  We captured some great shots in and around the wagon!  Thanks Tom! Newport Beach Engagement newport-beach-engagement-photos-02 newport-beach-engagement-photos-03 newport-beach-engagement-photos-04 newport-beach-engagement-photos-05 newport-beach-engagement-photos-06 newport-beach-engagement-photos-07 newport-beach-engagement-photos-08 newport-beach-engagement-photos-09 newport-beach-engagement-photos-10 newport-beach-engagement-photos-11 newport-beach-engagement-photos-12 newport-beach-engagement-photos-13 newport-beach-engagement-photos-14 newport-beach-engagement-photos-15 newport-beach-engagement-photos-16 newport-beach-engagement-photos-17 newport-beach-engagement-photos-18 newport-beach-engagement-photos-19 newport-beach-engagement-photos-20 newport-beach-engagement-photos-21 newport-beach-engagement-photos-22 newport-beach-engagement-photos-23 newport-beach-engagement-photos-24