Peter + Celina - Mountain Meadows Golf Course Wedding Preview

Another Saturday in May, another gorgeous wedding to shoot!  As you can see from their pictures below, it wasn't too difficult to get beautiful pictures of these two, they were head over heels in love and it showed!  As a photographer, I couldn't have asked for a better couple to shoot.  Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Valles!  Can't wait to show you guys the rest! mountain-meadows-wedding_0001.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0002.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0003.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0004.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0005.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0006.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0007.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0008.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0009.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0010.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0011.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0012.jpg


mountain-meadows-wedding_0013.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0014.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0015.jpg mountain-meadows-wedding_0016.jpg