Old Ranch Country Club Wedding Preview - Joe + Kelley

I've known Joe for quite some time, and while I don't shoot many friends weddings, I jumped on the chance to capture these two @ Old Ranch Country Club!  We started off the day with the boys in downtown Seal Beach, and true to form, Joe was slightly tardy (this is a recurring theme with Mr. Scott lol), but we still had plenty of time to get some awesome shots of him and his boys.  After we were done with the boys, we headed over to Kelley's room at the Ayres hotel to get some of her final preparation shots before it was time to get the show on the road.  Her hair and makeup looked phenomenal!

Joe and Kelley decided had a traditional wedding, so Joe didn't see his beautiful bride until she walked down the aisle.  Joe isn't really the type to show that much emotion, but as soon as he saw Kelley walking down the aisle, I think he may have let a few tears roll down his face!

I'm stoked that I got to be part of their big day and I'm even more excited to show them the rest of their pictures in the not so distant future.  Until then, here's some of what we got!

old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0001.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0002.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0003.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0004.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0005.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0006.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0007.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0007a.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0008.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0009.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0010.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0012.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0013.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0014.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0015.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0016.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0017.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0018.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0019.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0020.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0021.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0022.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0023.jpg old-ranch-country-club-wedding_0024.jpg

Photographer:  Andy Rodriguez Photography Photographer Assistant:  Laura Palazzolo Florist:  800RoseBig.com Cake Artist:  Rosmoor Pastries DJ:  Drew Pierce Makeup: Mallorie Mason Hair Stylist:  Melissa Marchese