Engy + Terry - Corona Del Mar Engagement

Engy and Terry wanted to dress up a little bit and also get some pictures at the beach for their engagement sesh, so we ended up shooting in Corona Del Mar...best of both worlds!  We met up at Five Crowns restaurant off Poppy and PCH since they have a cool, vintage telephone booth which looked great with their wardrobes! We took a stroll down the street, shooting along the way, then ended up doing a quick wardrobe change before heading down the hill to have a picnic on the beach.

corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0001.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0002.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0003.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0004.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0005.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0006.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0007.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0008.jpg corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0009.jpg




corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0015 corona-del-mar-engagement-photos_0013.jpg